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Who we are
" Preparing for change before change beckons "
Exploit the power of Innovation, Process, People and Knowledge. This is the team Aprican... Leading Through Innovations
Aprica Healthcare Pvt Ltd in India offers integrated approach to sales, marketing and contract manufacturing of medicines
We are also working together in partnership with several Indian pharmaceutical firms to deliver high quality medicines to both International and Indian Market
Aprica Healthcare planning to launch pan-India presence, we are planning to be amongst top Fastest company in Indian Market
Mr. Maharshi Vyas
He has exceptional leadership skills as he has motivation for the entire company and lead by setting an example himself. He always promotes a positive atmosphere and keeps track of all the different departments of the company
He is head of the company, and in charge for all the operations of the organization. He is associated with power, prestige, responsibilities and financial income. He is also looking for making strategic plans and setting business objectives. Besides focusing on generating revenues he also has to decide on expansions through mergers and acquisitions
Mr. Maulik Pandya
He has good communication and networking skills and interacts with other people from the corporate world. He has a natural instinct for business and management. He is having presence of mind and having quick decision-making abilities.
He is looking after company’s day-to-day operating activities, including revenue and sales growth; expense, cost and margin control; and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management. He will develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies to support overall company policies and objectives.